Local Delicacies

At Bakery Stijnman various delicacies can be found, that will tickle your taste buds.

Try for instance the Heksenbrood (Witches’ bread), a very rich and tasteful type of bread that has a reference to the history of the Witches’ Weighhouse  in Oudewater.

brood 01

Witches’ bread

Or try – if you dare – the bonbon called Oudewaterse Kus (Kiss of Oudewater). A chocolate goody with a very special taste which opens up to your taste buds in different levels. Can you distinguish all the different ingredients?

brood 02

Kiss of Oudewater

brood 03 - Copy

Kiss of Oudewater

Then there are the special Oudewater cookies called ‘Geelbuikjes’. The name ‘Yellow Bellies’ is of course referring to the history that Oudewater has with rope. In the Rope Museum you can hear and see why the inhabitants of Oudewater were called ‘Geelbuiken’.

Even if you are not a ‘Yellow Belly’ you are invited to come taste the Geelbuikjes at Bakery Stijnman.

brood 04

Yellow Bellies